How Service Virtualization Improves Software Quality

Is your software ready to test but the complex environment is not ready?

What if your complex environment was always available during construction?

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Monica Luke, LifeCycle Scenario Architect

Learn about how service virtualization improves software quality:

  • Decrease organizational costs associated with creating and maintaining complex test environments
  • Enable more parallel development, and reduce development cycle time and accelerate delivery by removing the time constraints associated with setting up test environments
  • Cut organizational risk by using iterative and agile development, and reducing late stage integration issues with the ability to test individual applications and system components as they become available.

When virtualized testing capabilities are combined with the IBM Rational Solution for Collaboration Lifecycle Management, developers and testers can achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency, effectiveness, and collaboration while delivering quality software to their businesses. With Green Hat, IBM can help clients maximize continuous integration of an application, including creating virtual protocols, message formats, services, customization and engagement with third-party software.

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