Consumerization of technology is changing the definition of quality for mobile applications. In a fragmented mobile landscape, mobile apps must engage and delight the user. Feedback and quality metrics are needed at every stage of development to help improve user experience and overall app quality. Seventy-three percent of leaders, those successfully adopting a mobile first strategy, indicate that they have seen measurable ROI from their mobile initiatives versus 34 percent of all other companies. User experience and quality of their mobile apps are key contributors to this return. Join us as we explore ways in which you CAN know immediately how well your mobile app is doing in live test and customer hands through exciting new technology from IBM. IBM Mobile Quality Assurance (IBM MQA) provides line of business professionals and development teams with immediate insightful and streamlined quality feedback and metrics, enabling them to prioritize and take action to support your dynamic mobile app strategy. Through IBM MQA, users across the globe are engaged to test mobile apps on a variety of platforms. This webcast will explore: 

  1. Dimensions of mobile app quality
  2. The importance of user experience and user feedback in determining quality of mobile apps 
  3. Mobile specific ways to gather and analyze actionable feedback and other quality indicators 
  4. Strategies for rapidly responding to feedback to improve quality and enhance user experience


 Yan (Tina) Zhuo is the Mobile Accelerator Lead from IBM Rational, responsible for defining mobile solutions that can enable customers to transform their businesses via mobile . Over the last 10 years with IBM, Tina has always enjoyed working with customers in different roles from presales to service, from development to product management. Tina holds a MA degree in Early Childhood Education from Boston College and a MS degree in Information Systems from Northeastern University. She believes good software engineers are just as curious as young children.

Leigh Williamson is an IBM Distinguished Engineer who has been working in the Austin, Texas lab since 1988, contributing to IBM’s major software projects including OS/2, DB2, AIX, Java, WebSphere Application Server, and the IBM Rational portfolio of solutions. His current role is as a member of the Chief Technology Officer team, influencing the strategic direction for products addressing the needs of software development teams. Leigh’s primary focus is on tools and best practices for mobile application development. His blog on mobile development topics is You can follow him on twitter @leighawillia. Leigh holds a BS degree in Computer Science from Nova University and a Masters degree in Computer Engineering from University of Texas at Austin.