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Welcome to the Rational User Group content Library. Download from a growing body of whitepapers, documents, videos and recordings of webinars by leading experts and fellow community members. Below are some of the latest documents that have been uploaded.
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2009-09-08 - Scott Ambler - Scaling Agile Software Development

Scott Ambler, Chief Methodologist/Agile, discusses the astronomy analogy, the agile scaling model, some...
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Innovate 2011 & CLM on Jazz 3.0.1

Carson Holmes, Principal Consultant for Fourth Media Consulting, Inc. and Brian LeHaie, Technology Consultant...
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Security is Not an Option: How to Leverage an Application Lifecycle Management Solution to Address Application Security;

Description: In today’s business landscape, application security is not an option. As Rational...
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2008-02-13 - Ian Spence - Successful Transitions to Iterative Development

Ian Spence, Chief Scientist at Ivar Jacobson Consulting, explains Iterative Development, the benefits...
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2011-07-04 - Paul Gerrard, Quality Tornadoes

Paul Gerrard of Gerrard Consulting discusses the definition of quality and how to pursue and achieve...
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The Agile Influencer's Mantra

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Rational SW Development Plattaform

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18 Oct 2007 - Scott Ambler on Agile and RUP

Scott W. Ambler, Practice Leader Agile Development, reviews Agile adoption rates, success rates, the...
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The BeRUG - Innovate 2011

BeRUG Leaders: Jimmy Mallet, Bart Rondou, Olivier Beghain explain what the group is and the benefits...
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June 2015 GRUC Newsletter

HOME | GROUPS | BLOGS | EVENTS | LIBRARY | FORUMS June 2015 Newsletter ...
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Posting User Group Events on Google+

In this tutorial, Jack Schneider, Global Rational User Community Manager, demonstrates how to create...
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IBM Mobile Security Study Vulnerabilities Detected in Employee-Installed Dating Applications

Mobile Dating Apps Can Place Confidential Information at Risk As more people utilize mobile dating...
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Webcast Replay: One Million Lines of Code Later: I Want Agility!

View the webcast presentation >> View the webcast poll results >> Every line of code...
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July 2015 GRUC Newsletter

HOME | GROUPS | BLOGS | EVENTS | LIBRARY | FORUMS July 2015 Newsletter Hello, Global...
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Video: Introducing IBM Static Analyzer Beta

IBM Static Analyzer is a new cloud service on IBM Bluemix that makes it easy to scan your Java applications...
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Webcast Presentation: One Million Lines of Code Later: I Want Agility!

View the webcast replay >> Every line of code you create comes with a complexity cost. How can...
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Q2 GRUC Leader & Liaison Update Replay

View the presentation >> On June 17, hosted a very important information and Q&A session...
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GRUC April 2015 Newsletter

HOME | GROUPS | BLOGS | EVENTS | LIBRARY | FORUMS April 2015 Newsletter Hello, Global...
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Reunião de 06 de agosto de 2014 - Introdução

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Reunião de 02 de Outubro - Introdução

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