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Welcome to the Rational User Group content Library. Download from a growing body of whitepapers, documents, videos and recordings of webinars by leading experts and fellow community members. Below are some of the latest documents that have been uploaded.
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Innovate 2011 & CLM on Jazz 3.0.1

Carson Holmes, Principal Consultant for Fourth Media Consulting, Inc. and Brian LeHaie, Technology Consultant...
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Security is Not an Option: How to Leverage an Application Lifecycle Management Solution to Address Application Security;

Description: In today’s business landscape, application security is not an option. As Rational...
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2009-09-08 - Scott Ambler - Scaling Agile Software Development

Scott Ambler, Chief Methodologist/Agile, discusses the astronomy analogy, the agile scaling model, some...
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2008-02-13 - Ian Spence - Successful Transitions to Iterative Development

Ian Spence, Chief Scientist at Ivar Jacobson Consulting, explains Iterative Development, the benefits...
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Understanding the Value of IBM Compilers;

Description: Yes, there are some alternatives to IBM compilers available, but are you aware of all of...
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IBM Rational Appscan

This presentation takes a deep dive into Watchfie an IBM company. Included in this presentation is the...
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Building Rich Internet Applications with Rational Application Developer

Nik Teshima, Product Manager, Jim Zhang, Development Manager and Adeel Omer, Marketing Engineer come...
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RAD Profiling

This presentation takes a deep dive into features of profiling. Included in this session: Profiling...
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Podcast: Second Opportunity for Live Q&A - How to Capture the Hidden Value Within Your Engineering Data

This podcast is a recording of the second Q&A session with IBM expert Ben Williams for the webcast...
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November 2013 GRUC Newsletter

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December 2013 GRUC Newsletter

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January 2014 GRUC Newsletter

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Enabling form-based data capture for IBM tools - Martin Owen

A presentation from Martin Owen, CEO, Corso
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April 2013 GRUC Newsletter

April 18, 2013 Hello Rational User Community (RUC) Member! Thank you for subscribing to the monthly...
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Improving Requirements Architecture And Business Analysis with ReqPro

Christopher Duro, IT Strategist Requirements and Test Architect presents on,"Improving Requirements...
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2008-11-19 - Arun Zachariah - Introduction to OpenUP - 1 of 2

Arun Zachariah of Capgemini and Julian Holmes of UPMentors, provide and introduction to OpenUP, including...
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2007-10-17 - Stephen Toop - Build Best Practices

Stephen Toop of CM-Logic Ltd, reviews 9 best practices of build and release management including; establishing...
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2007-06-26 - Julian Holmes, Cleeve Amos - Delivery Success with RMC

Cleeve Amos of Capgemini and Julian Holmes of Unified Process Mentors present a case study at the 2007...
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2008-02-13 - Mark Dickson - When Use Cases Go Bad

Mark Dickson of Steria, reviews Use Cases as a useful technique that is often misapplied. Dickson emphasizes...
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IMS Simplification: Shrinking the Generation Gap for IMS Application Development;

Description: Imagine being brand new to the mainframe and sitting down to write and test your first IMS...
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