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Welcome to the Rational User Group content Library. Download from a growing body of whitepapers, documents, videos and recordings of webinars by leading experts and fellow community members. Below are some of the latest documents that have been uploaded.
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Model-Based Unit Testing of Embedded System Software;

Description: Innovative and high-quality software is a key driver for business success in many industries...
296 15

Addressing Application Development Complexity with EGL, an Open, Extensible Programming Language;

Description: Application development today, particularly for the web and mobile, is complicated by an...
233 1

Delivery management: Connecting delivery with business strategy...,

Description: "Doing the right things" and "doing things right" are the essential...
289 2

Responding to Changing Requirements with Lower Cost, Higher Returns, and Better Quality;

Description: Anticipating and managing requirements changes is a growing challenge for product and systems...
225 7

ALM a Modern Day Imperative - A Panel Discussion;

Description: The tooling for Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) has evolved over the years, today...
237 5

Agile made practical: Leveraging your existing development tool investments to deliver with agility.;

Description: You’ve invested a great deal in your existing tooling for software development and...
341 13

IBM Rational Appscan

This presentation takes a deep dive into Watchfie an IBM company. Included in this presentation is the...
220 2

Achieving Agility with Rational

Julian Holmes Co-Founder, Unified Process Mentors and Vice-President of Global RUG provides a review...
222 1

Rational Buildforge

This presentation reviews Rational Buildforge. Agenda: Introductions Company Overview Build & Release...
205 0

Building Rich Internet Applications with Rational Application Developer

Nik Teshima, Product Manager, Jim Zhang, Development Manager and Adeel Omer, Marketing Engineer come...
203 2

RAD Profiling

This presentation takes a deep dive into features of profiling. Included in this session: Profiling...
209 2

VRUG: Systems Engineering - 09.55 DOORS Next Generation -- Updates and Future Plans

Carson Holmes and Michelle Specht welcome you to watch the archived March 22, 2012 VRUG: Systems Engineering...
1090 32

Requisitos de Sistemas

Visão Geral de Requisitos Casos de Uso Requisitos x Regras de Negócio Gerência...
307 20

RioRUG - Introdução da Reunião de 29/03/2012

Palestra da Primeup sobre Requisitos de Sistemas
560 5

Rational User Group Community Member Training

715 14

Webcast Replay: Achieving Large-Scale Distributed Agile Delivery

Julian Holmes, Co-founder of UPMentors, joined the RUC to share his experiences of working with clients...
565 17

TRUG April 19, 2012 IBM Rational CLM

Thanks to Carlos Ramirez for a great presentation!
351 22

TRUG April 19, 2012 IBM Rational CLM

Thanks to Carlos Ramirez for a great presentation!
138 20

TRUG April 19, 2012 IBM Rational CLM Solutions

Thanks to Carlos Ramirez for a great presentation!
138 9

Webcast Presentation: The Current State of IBM Rational

Martin Nally an IBM Fellow and Chief Technology Officer for the Rational Software division of IBM presented...
486 40