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Welcome to the Rational User Group content Library. Download from a growing body of whitepapers, documents, videos and recordings of webinars by leading experts and fellow community members. Below are some of the latest documents that have been uploaded.
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Webcast Presentation: How Service Virtualization Improves Software Quality

Is your software ready to test but the complex environment is not ready? What if your complex environment...
574 9

“Shift Left” for higher quality at greater speed

Shift Left” practices optimize testing and enable teams to test both earlier and continuously eliminating...
246 7

18 Oct 2007 - Scott Ambler on Agile and RUP

Scott W. Ambler, Practice Leader Agile Development, reviews Agile adoption rates, success rates, the...
320 2

2007-06-26 - Christina Skaskiw - Software as Film Production

Christina Skaskiw of Real Solutions deconstructs the idea of software as engineering and encourages you...
357 1

2007-06-26 - Gary Blower - Process improvement not complicated

Gary Blowe of Real Solutions discusses process improvement and the SEI Ideal Model. Blowe emphasizes...
406 8

2007-06-26 - Julian Holmes, Cleeve Amos - Delivery Success with RMC

Cleeve Amos of Capgemini and Julian Holmes of Unified Process Mentors present a case study at the 2007...
436 3

2007-06-26 - Stephen Toop - Success indicators from CC and CQ

Roger Dunn, CEO of SourceIQ, Inc. and John Legelis, VP of Enterprise Architecture for Fidelity Investments...
360 0

2007-10-17 - Anthony Kesterton - Intro to UML 2

Terry Quatrani, Rational Evangelist for IBM, provides an introduction to Unified Modeling Launguage including...
355 6

2007-10-17 - Anthony Kesterton, Intro to UML 2

Terry Quatrani, Rational Evangelist for IBM, provides an introduction to Unified Modeling Launguage including...
338 7

2007-10-17 - Julian Holmes - Being Agile with RUP

Julian Holmes, Co-founder of Unified Process Mentors, dives into what being Agile really means, what's...
346 4

2007-10-17 - Stephen Toop - Build Best Practices

Stephen Toop of CM-Logic Ltd, reviews 9 best practices of build and release management including; establishing...
401 3

2008-02-13 - Ian Spence - Successful Transitions to Iterative Development

Ian Spence, Chief Scientist at Ivar Jacobson Consulting, explains Iterative Development, the benefits...
343 2

2008-02-13 - Mark Dickson - When Use Cases Go Bad

Mark Dickson of Steria, reviews Use Cases as a useful technique that is often misapplied. Dickson emphasizes...
349 3

2008-03-13 - Lee Court - Requirements Based Testing 1

Lee Court, Senior Consultant at Noble Star, discusses requirements-based testing, why it is important...
361 5

2008-03-13 - Lee Court - Requirements Based Testing 2

Lee Court of Noble Star reviews tools to support requirements-based testing, including IBM Rationl Test...
385 3

2008-03-13 - Steve Arnold - RTC Overview

Steve Arnold, IBM Senior IT Specialist, reviews key capabilities of Rational Team Concert for the UK...
309 10

2008-09-11 - Anthony Kesterton - Rational Team Concert

Anthony Kesterton of IBM reveals an introduction and vision to IBM Rational Team Concert. He highlights...
347 5

2008-11-19 - Arun Zachariah - Introduction to OpenUP - 1 of 2

Arun Zachariah of Capgemini and Julian Holmes of UPMentors, provide and introduction to OpenUP, including...
356 3

2008-11-19 - David Clack - The Iterative and Agile Project Manager

David Clack of Black Pepper Software LTD, discusses the changing environment and changing role of the...
377 7

2009-09-08 - Scott Ambler - Scaling Agile Software Development

Scott Ambler, Chief Methodologist/Agile, discusses the astronomy analogy, the agile scaling model, some...
336 2