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Join Peter Hack – Architect on IBM Rational ClearCase and Michael R Nellis – Software Developer on IBM Rational ClearCase as they share their expertise with the RUC.

With the release of IBM® Rational® ClearCase® - Cadence Integration, IBM brings its enterprise configuration and change management solution to analog, radio frequency, or mixed signal designers using Cadence Design Framework. This allows customers to take advantage of core capabilities of IBM Rational ClearCase, without leaving their familiar design environment.

The integration offers the following capabilities:
•    A rich set of integrated Menus, toolbar, and custom user interface for designer productivity;
•    Instant on Workspace support;
•    Ability to instantly access any large sets of data through ClearCase workspace (Dynamic Views) without having to pre-populate information;
•    Ability to freeze workspace content;
•    Ability to perform version control operations from within your design environment on individual cells or an entire hierarchy of cells;
•    Support for co-managed sets and Atomic Checkin operations;
•    Ability to manage design input inside Cadence DFII from open access data objects to SKILL, Circuit Design language (CDL), PSF, PSF XL, and others;
•    Ability to manage design outputs in ClearCase like Library, cell view and cell folder and file assets including XML database, PSF, PSF XL, scripts, and
     other related assets.

In this session, we will discuss how organizations can now bring together their IC and systems development teams, and assets produced by these teams including software assets, digital design assets, analog, radio frequency, mixed signal design assets, under one roof, to promote individual, team, and organizational productivity.

Take Away :
1.    ClearCase and ClearQuest offer Enterprise Change and Configuration Management.
2.    The integration brings together all aspects of EDA, systems and embedded software development.
3.    IBM has a first class integration solution with Cadence used by large customers.
4.    Will solicit your input on electric design integrations and future direction.

 Peter Hack is the Senior ClearCase Architect with IBM Rational.
He joined Millennium Teamware (later renamed to Atria) in
1990 and helped to design and develop ClearCase.  Peter has
had engineering, techncal/project leader, and architect roles
in many major ClearCase components (ranging from the
embedded commercial database to the GUIs).

 Mike Nellis has for over 20 years of experience in Software
Configuration Management from a Process development,
implementation and tooling   He has been with Atria and Rational Software for over 16 years. He has spent time as a Field Engineer/Project manager developing customer SCM processes, tooling and implementing solutions in large and small environments. He has worked in customer support as an Accelerated Value Leader supporting customer's ClearCase
and ClearQuest implementations and process.  Currently Mike is working in ClearCase engineering where he was part of the team enhancing the ClearCase-Cadence integration.

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